Student Orientation – On a Traditional Quest!

Come rain or shine, our student orientation must go on! Thankfully, we moved indoors this month in view of the erratic weather in the recent weeks. Great foresight and planning from our Student Club members!

Staying indoors does not equate to boredom as our student club members created a mini games room with the theme: Traditional Quest, to introduce students – both locals and international, to old-school Singaporean games. For most of our students, who grew up with mobile phones and console games, it was a new way to experience what fun and games were. Remember hopscotch, five stones, capteh and pick-up sticks? Such nostalgia!

Oh did we mention our Hawthorn English students joined in the fun after their Holiday English Certificate Presentation, though we are not sure if it was for the games or the food (haha)!

Sticking to the theme of old-school Singapore, a spread of traditional pastries such as Ang Ku Kueh, Samosa and Muruku snacks delighted the tummies of many. The thoughtful selection of snacks also represented the multi-racial culture in Singapore.

What will the next student orientation bring our students? We keep our eyes peeled for the next one!