Hawthorn Holiday English Students Graduates!

Group Photo @ Holiday English Certificate Ceremony

At TMC Academy, we always have mixed feelings towards attending a Hawthorn Holiday English Certificate Presentation. We are pleased at the number of students who have completed the course and returning home with a better command of the English Language. At the same time, it marks the time to say goodbye.

Here are some of our students

Student Photo 01 @ Holiday English Certificate Ceremony
Student Photo 02 @ Holiday English Certificate Ceremony
Student Photo 03 @ Holiday English Certificate Ceremony
Student Photo 04 @ Holiday English Certificate Ceremony

Our Holiday English Programme is a short course that can be completed in 1 to 4 weeks. You take a placement test with our English teacher and will be assigned to a class appropriate to your level. Our classes are also organised for large groups of students who are visiting for a few days and want to attend classes specially prepared for them. Classes may be focused on special areas including reading, writing, speaking and listening and other topics. Learning English at Hawthorn is always fun – there is never a dull moment with the innovative teaching methods by our native English speaking teachers from the UK, the US, Europe and Singapore.

Speak to us for more information. Hope to see you at the next Holiday English Class!