TMC Academy Fruits Sharing Day!

Photo of Ms.Julia, TMC Academy Health Ambassador
Ms Julia Kan, HR Assistant Manager and Health Ambassador of the school, is the organiser of our Fruits Sharing Session.

There are many campaigns and causes initiated worldwide that are worthy of our support. One campaign that TMC Academy believes in – World Health Day, that encourages the engagement in a healthy and active lifestyle. That is why we have our Fruits Sharing Session every year, as a gentle reminder to all colleagues to: “Take 2 servings of fruits and vegetables daily,” as recommended by the Health Promotion Board.

Health Tip: Fruits are recognised to be a good source of vitamins and minerals, including potassium, fiber, vitamin C and folic acid. People who take fruits as part of an overall healthy diet generally have a reduced risk of chronic diseases.

This year’s fruits sharing session marks our 10th year supporting the initiative. Some of us were hoping the king of fruits – durians, would make its debut since it is a commemorative year. But we had to refrain because it’s 147 calories per 100 grams (note: mangos are 60 calories per 100grams). Feel free to tuck in to this seasonal fruit after a workout!

Photo of Hisyam SotM with Mr John and Ms Yeow
Congratulation to Mr.Hisyam, our TMC Academy April Staff of the Month 2018!

We also took the opportunity to present the Staff of the Month (April) Award to our Facilities and IT Support colleague, Mr Hisyam! In his role, he takes initiative and is empowered to carry our inspection and repair works to continuously improve the school facilities for staff and students.

Highlight of the session – polish off the endless trays of tropical fruits! It was easy to tell how much our TMC family enjoyed the variety of sweet fruits. Our colleagues also took the time to interact with each other – be it catching up on each other’s lives or more work (haha).

Photo of TMC Academy Fruits Day 2018
Thank you everyone who planned for today's session!
Photo 2 of TMC Academy Fruits Day 2018
Can you name all the fruits prepared for us ; )

We hope to continue inspiring, motivating and guiding our fellow colleagues and their families to eat healthy and live healthy. Special thanks to HR department and colleagues who were involved in the planning of this session. Till the next fruits feast!

Group Photo of TMC Academy Fruits Day 2018
Eat healthy, live healthy, it is as easy as an apple a day : ) Happy World Health Day from TMC Academy!