IPRS Student Chapter Members Invited to IPRS AGM

Our Institute of Public Relations of Singapore (IPRS) Student Chapter Members were invited to the IPRS 48th Annual General Meeting last night (and were the only students there). What an honour! The invitation came as an appreciation to their contributions for the past year, as active participants in student projects, events and writing for the institute’s newsletter.

IPRS Student AGM 2018

About Institute of Public Relations of Singapore (IPRS)

IPRS is a self-regulating accreditation body that sets international benchmark standards for Public Relations professionals in Singapore.

What is the IPRS Student Membership about?

The objectives for IPRS-TMC Student Chapter are as follows:

  • To provide student members with a platform for learning and experience with IPRS
  • To enhance student members’ participation and student development in the PR industry
  • To establish possible internships with established PR and media firms in Singapore
  • To gain advice and mentorship from IPRS, and to create opportunities for student members to attend networking events
  • To enable student members to gain insight into the PR and Media industry
  • To enable student members to explore their own potential as individuals and as professionals in the PR and Media industry
  • To work with IPRS mentors such as practitioners, educators and advisors who can provide guidance to student members

Here are the highlights of IPRS activities our students took part in:

Special mention to the invitation from IPRS to participate in the “Facebook Ads for Good” pilot programme organised by the National Volunteer and Philantrophy Centre (NVPC), where our students got the chance to embark on a 2-month long Facebook campaign for five selected charities, providing students the opportunity to gain ‘real-life’ experience supporting an Integrated Marketing campaign.

TMC IPRS Chapter In MDAS Photo

And throwback to last November when we received the Letter of Appreciation from IPRS!

Dr. Chin @ IPRS Get Together Event Throwback
TMC Students @ IPRS Get Together Event Throwback

TMC Academy is thankful for the array of learning opportunities IPRS has provided for students and will continue to grow this meaningful partnership with IPRS. More exciting times to come!