TMC Academy Graduation 2017

Graduation – both an ending and a beginning. It is the end of our students’ academic studies (for now), and the beginning of their new chapters in life, wherever their aspirations may lead them. Graduation at TMC Academy is an international affair, as we receive students from all around the world. It is the exact reason why the atmosphere is exceptionally jubilant, with family and friends specially flying in to Singapore to witness this proud moment.

Preparing @ TMC Graduation Ceremony 2017

Ravi & Families @ TMC Graduation Ceremony 2017

Laleetha & Families @ TMC Graduation Ceremony 2017

Group Photo @ TMC Graduation Ceremony 2017

Graduate Family Groupfie @ TMC Graduation Ceremony 2017

Representative Of Country @ TMC Graduation Ceremony 2017

The graduation ceremony started with a flag procession, with appointed students carrying flags from different countries, representing the diverse culture at TMC Academy. Dr Chin, Principal and Executive Chairman of TMC Academy gave the opening address, followed by our distinguished guest, Professor McKenzie from University of Northampton (UK).


Our Undergraduate, Graduate Diploma, Higher Diploma and Diploma students then took to the stage to receive their long awaited scrolls. That moment when your name is called and you walk up to receive the scroll with applause and camera flashes – a brief but very proud moment for yourself and your loved ones seated off stage.


For those who did exceptionally well for their studies, due credit is given.  A cash award of $1,000 is awarded to each First Class Honours recipient who attends the graduation ceremony in recognition of their outstanding academic achievement.

Outstanding Students

  • Graduate Diploma of Psychology
    • Ho Han Lin
  • Higher Diploma in Business
    • Oh Zhipeiqi
  • Higher Diploma in Business (Accounting Specialisation)
    • Doreen Lim Qiu Ting
    • Lee Ci Tao Marcus
  • Higher Diploma in Business Studies with International Business
    • Chan Myae Hlaing
    • Laleetha D/O Karamjeet Singh
    • Raven Caesar Fajariano
  • Higher Diploma in Mass Communication
    • Lee Dongho
  • Higher Diploma in Psychology with Counselling
    • Dian Fransiska
    • Lim Cheng Sze Eunice
    • Ng Jing Guang
  • Higher Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management
    • Gan Chan
  • Higher Diploma in Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure Management
    • Lee Gihun
    • Park Junwoo
  • Diploma in Accounting and Finance
    • Zhang Lini

First Class Honours

University of Northampton

  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in International Tourism Management
    • Park Soyeon
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Psychology
    • Dawn Wee Yan Rong
    • Elizabeth Ann Calvert
    • Kwa Ming Jia
    • Nur Yazal Bin Muhammad
    • Suarez Jocelyn Josue


University of Greenwich

  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computing
    • Gospodarikov Mikhail
    • James Keith Law

No graduation ceremony is complete without a speech or two from our outstanding students, who shared their thoughts on the meaning of education and gave thanks to loved ones who were with them every step of the way.

Now that the official ceremony is over, let’s take a group photo to commemorate this joyous occasion!

Group Photo @ TMC Graduation Ceremony 2017

Degree Graduates
TMC Academy Graduation Ceremony 2017 @ Raffles Convention Centre

Group Photo @ TMC Graduation Ceremony 2017

Diploma & Higher Diploma Graduates
TMC Academy Graduation Ceremony 2017 @ Raffles Convention Centre

The staff and teachers at TMC Academy would like to wish all graduates a bright future ahead, and to quote Eleanor Roosevelt, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. We hope the knowledge and values you have been taught will stay with you in the many years to come. Good luck, and do stay connected with us as an alumnus! Not only do you get to retain your student privileges with our partnering merchants, but also be in for greater exclusivity for talks, events and promotions specially planned for the alumni. Click here to register!