Student Orientation at the Science Centre Singapore

Science Centre

When was the last time you visited the Science Centre? TMC Academy students were launched to the land of creative science and technology for an imaginative and enjoyable experience, whilst getting to know their new friends for the upcoming school term.

We decided to take the train for an opportunity to introduce the local transport system to our international friends. Our student club members took the lead in introducing the sights and sounds of Singapore along the way.

For most students, it was their first time visiting the Science Centre. The experience of interacting with the interesting science exhibits was intriguing and at the same time, the new knowledge they received made this orientation a more meaningful one.

Our students were also in for a sensory treat at the Omni-theatre, which provides a 360 view of the movie: Mysteries of the Unseen World. It was truly a morning well spent at the Science Centre.

Where to for the next student orientation? Watch this space for the next destination!

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Highlights Of The Day

Throwback to a week before, our new students joined us for an amazing race in our school’s vicinity. With our central location packed with lots of food and culture, our students got to experience this part of Singapore in a a refreshing way. Check out the photo  highlights below!


TMC Orientation Amazing Race Nov 2017

TMC Orientation Amazing Race Nov 2017

TMC Orientation Amazing Race Nov 2017

TMC Orientation Amazing Race Nov 2017