A Celebration for our ‘O’ Level Students and Looking Beyond ‘O’ Levels

Come year end, it is the time for celebrations, and farewell for some in school. Yesterday, ‘O’ Level students at TMC Academy celebrated the year of hard work and end of their papers with teachers and staff.

Ms Pauline Ang, Registrar at TMC Academy, shared with students their study options of pursuing a higher education at TMC Academy after graduation.

Ms. Pauline sharing on post graduate study options.

Foundation Diploma for Tertiary Studies

Undecided on which study path to embark on? This is the course for those who wish to keep their options open, while taking some time to figure out which discipline they are interested to pursue. This course provides the theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience in multi-disciplinary studies to prepare students for different disciplines in the next level of studies. The best part is you can complete diploma studies within a year.

Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management *NEW*

By popular demand, this course is designed to provide students with the basic knowledge and skills in hospitality and tourism industry and also to provide students with the necessary foundation for undergraduate studies in related field. To better prepare students for the industry, this course comes with a 6 months internship and yes, you can still complete your diploma studies within a year!

“I didn’t perform well for my ‘O’ Levels, where do I go now?”

Not to worry, there is always a place for you in education. We understand that not everyone starts off brilliant and we want to give late bloomers a second chance. Consider our Certificate in Tertiary Foundation Programme (CTFP) as your stepping stone to a Diploma, leading to a Degree programme at TMC Academy. Upon completion of the CTFP programme, you will qualify for entry to the above mentioned Diploma programmes. Locals can complete the programme in 4-5 months while international students complete within 4-12 months.

Ms Yeow sharing her experience @ 'O' Level Farewell Party 2017

Ms. Yeow chatting with leaving students on various topics

Guiding students on their further study options @ 'O' Level Farewell Party 2017

Every step with you. Even if students are graduating, we do our best to guide them on their further studies!

Lunch's ready @ 'O' Level Farewell Party 2017

Authentic Singaporean lunch! Time to dig in~

Back to the celebrations we go! Our ‘O’ level students were treated to lunch and had an enjoyable time chatting with their friends and teachers. Our Academic Director, Ms Yeow, was also present to give out the award certificates to students who excelled in their studies here. Congratulations ladies! (The men got to try harder next time!)

Certificate Receivers @ 'O' Level Farewell Party 2017

Congratulations to Kyi Phyu Khin, Top Scorer in English Language!

Certificate Receivers @ 'O' Level Farewell Party 2017

Congratulations to Liu Yi Tong, the Top Scorer in Chinese Language

Certificate Receivers @ 'O' Level Farewell Party 2017

Congratulations to Yao Qian Qian, the Top Scorer in both Principle of Accounts and Mathematics!

During their time here at TMC Academy, our mix of local and international students not only enriched themselves academically, the skills picked up from school activities and friendships forged over the 1-2 years will certainly stay with them. Let’s take a ride down memory lane to recap some of the happenings!

Basketball Court Opening Ceremony

‘O’ Level students played a friendly match during our Basketball Court opening

Mid Autmn Festival with 'O' Level Students

Celebrating mid-autumn festival

Universe & Art Tour Part 3

A tour to ArtScience Museum

We hope to see you soon at TMC Academy!

Our next Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Level Examination Preparatory Course intake is in January 2018. For more information on the course, click here or drop us an enquiry here.