Write About A Time Someone Made You Very Angry

There is a fine line between a traitor and a whistle-blower. Our O-level student recalled her past where she was betrayed by her best friend. What is your take on this incident?

Broken Heart - Student Works

I had never ever imagined the camaraderie I had with my 10-year friend ending so suddenly and unexpectedly.

The event occurred on a day near the final-year examination, we were sitting for a model exam for the last time before the most important examinations. The atmosphere in the classroom was extremely tense in the last ten minutes before the exam started – it was so quiet that only the rustling of papers could be heard as students turned the pages of their books to check their complications of formulae and definitions repeatedly.

I forgot to put my textbook in my bag, away from my table due to excessive nervousness. During the exam, I took out my water bottle from the drawer, and the textbook fell out of the drawer along with the bottle accidentally. As luck would have it, my friend Kyla sitting behind me noticed my book falling onto the ground and immediately gestured to the teacher, saying that I had left my book in the drawer on purpose to cheat. Without giving me a chance to account for the affair, the teacher declared my so-called cheating to the whole class and cancelled my qualification to sit for the exam at once.

I was forced to retreat from the exam and sent to teacher’s office. When I glanced over my shoulder before going out, the gloating and contemptuous look Kyla so obviously exposed pierced my eyes. I know what she had done was because of an endless jealousy which had plagued her since we first became friends. In school, I always performed excellently and won many prizes in a variety of competitions, but Kyla’s academic performance was not as stable and would drop from the rank that her mother expected of her. Hence, her mother would criticize her, comparing our results since we were so close.

Even then, she still treated me as her best friend and I would console her when she was depressed by her mother’s cynical remarks. We shared all our secrets together, spending a joyful and precious time in school. Thus far, we had been friends for 10 years, and I thought our friendship was already unbreakable. However, she was speaking ill of me in front of other classmates while I was being denounced for my dishonest act in the teacher’s office. I was not even given the opportunity to justify myself. I felt angry for being misunderstood, and betrayed by my teachers and friend. The bitterness of that day remains in my heart till today.

Meng Zi Qing (China)
TMC Academy