“Write about a time someone made you very angry.”

Anger triggers one’s negative side. TMC Academy (Singapore) English student will share with you her story that fully demonstrates how important anger management is.

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Anger management

Anger management is highly essential for all individuals, but what happens when one is not willing to do so? Displeasure, rage, fury; all of these end in only one thing – remorse. I have had times when I held strong resentment towards someone and could not overcome my anger. I can tell you that those times never end well.

I was ten when my family transferred me to a new school that was well-known for its systematic process in education. Ever since I was little, I was known to be individualist in many peoples’ eyes. An outcast, they would say. Not that I wanted to be one either. My mom drove away, a wide smile on her face as she waved goodbye. I was left with mixed emotions. “Let’s start it over again,” I would always think to myself as I put a big grin on my face.

The bell rang, and first period started. I introduced myself, and everything was okay until lunch break. A group of sixth graders came into my class and asked me follow them. Puzzled, I went outside with them. As soon as I was alone, they started hitting me until I could not move anymore. My legs were swollen and bruises were everywhere across my face. They were the bullies, and wanted my lunch money since I was the new kid in school.

At first, I did not intend to resist, but I could not take it anymore. With the last of my strength, I fought back and caused huge chaos outside of school. It was to be expected that the principal found out about our fight. I knew I should not have done it. I knew I would disappoint my poor mom. But I did it anyway. And I was expelled on my very first day.

I have learnt the moral value of having control over my anger, because not doing so only leads to bad things. I hope everyone else realises this as well.

Written by Ei Myat Nay Chi (Myanmar)
TMC Academy