Celebrating Teacher’s Day

Last week, the hardworking men and women of Singapore were treated to a long weekend of Hari Raya Haji celebrations (all due respect to those who had to return to work, we hope you’ve been remunerated well). In the world of education, there were more reasons to celebrate as we praise and honour the educators who teach and shape our future generation.

TMC Academy celebrates Teacher’s Day with a morning of team bonding activities at “The Cage”. In contrary to what the venue name suggests, no one was locked up and dealt with lethal blows like you would see in a MMA cage fight. In fact, it was a great opportunity for both teachers and support staff to flex their muscles while bonding with colleagues from different departments in sports games like Combat Archery and Pool Ball. We’d let the photos do the talking!

Celebrating Teacher's Day @ The Cage

Everyone arriving at The Cage for TMC Teacher’s Day Celebration!

Through the games, we discovered hidden talents in colleagues who can play pool ball with their buttocks, draw an arrow in the opposite direction (thus aiming at self or own team mates *chuckles*) and potential star strikers for international football leagues. Jokes aside, the building of camaraderie was visibly demonstrated during the session.

Foosball Briefing @ Teacher's Day Celebration

One of the activities of the day – Pool Ball (Pool + Ball = large sized fun)

Combat Archery @ Teacher's Day Celebration

Second activity of the day – the thrilling Combat Archery! P.S.: no bows and arrows were hurt in this game.

PoolBall Revisit? @ Teacher's Day Celebration

Due to popular demand, we had another round of PoolBall for the day!

PoolBall Card @ Teacher's Day Celebration

TMC Lim appears.
TMC Lim thinks this game of PoolBall needs extra fun.
TMC Lim uses Piggyback card!

Sabotage PoolBall @ Teacher's Day Celebration

PoolBall now turns into Sabotage PoolBall!
Rules are simple, you get 2 action cards for every ball in hole and you use it to sabotage your opponent team! Things just got hilarious!

Sabotage team with cards @ Teacher's Day Celebration

or rather… GG…

After all the sweat and tears of laughter, the staff gathered for a speech by Ms Yeow, Chief Executive Chairman of TMC Academy. She spoke about TMC’s core values of Professionalism, Affinity, Continuous Improvement and Empowerment, and how she was glad to see it exhibited amongst colleagues in that morning of activities. Ms Yeow also highlighted the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle at work and TMC’s involvement in promoting this movement. Most notably, we have been invited to speak at the 15th Annual World Health Congress, sharing our growth in this healthy workforce journey.

Ms Yeow with TMC core value @ Teacher's Day Celebration

Ms Yeow sharing on TMC’s Vision and Core Values.

Ms Yeow also took the chance to present the awards for Staff of the Month to our well deserving colleagues, and to the top 2 winning teams who thrashed the rest and scored the most points in the games!

Staff of the Month - Ivory

Congratulations to Ivory, our Staff of the Month of June.

Staff of the Month - Belinda

Congratulations to Belinda, Staff of the Month of August!

Winning Team with Prize

We have two winning teams today! Congratulations!

Winning Team With Their Prize

Congratulations and enjoy your prize!

What’s the best way to wrap up the session? A buffet lunch to feed our hungry and weary colleagues! We would like to thank the HR team who organised this event and to the enthusiastic staff at “The Cage” who facilitated the games. Last but not least, Happy Teacher’s Day!

Lunch @ The Cage

What’s cooking?

Happy Teacher's Day!

Happy Teacher’s Day to everyone, from TMC Academy!

Here are more photos of the day : )

Highlight of the Day - Head Butt Power Card

Move the ball telekinesis… not.

PoolBall Team Picture @ Highlights of the Day

(Singapore) Poolball… If you get what I mean.

Taking Shelter @ Highlights of the Day

Hide and shoot… or get shot at!

Last Minute Practice @ Highlight of the Day

Eat your Marshmallow!

Team Posting @ Highlight of the Day

Say “Cheese”!

Team Post @ Highlights of the Day

Archers, get in place~

Team Posting @ Highlights of the Day

Ready for the game!

Amazons Team @ Highlights of the Day

TMC’s Amazons!

Pre-Game Team Pose! @ Highlights of the Day

Nailed it!

After Game Picture @ Highlights of the Day

Believe it or not,
this photo is taken with the camera attached to the arrow. It is considered an ultimate groupfie.