Student Poetry – Survivor

Our Psychology degree student delves into the different facets of dark emotions and how one faces the turmoil in battling depression, in the form of poetry.

Student Work Image - Depression Girl


It’s hard to word
On an empty page
When I’m fearful
Of saying it out loud

It’s hard to speak
About the rush
Of emotions
That circulate
Over a span
Of just a second

It’s hard for me
To describe it
But for the sake of awareness
I’ll try my best

Is when your body
Is a prisoner to a mind
That is malfunctioning

Is when you sleep
Clinging on to the very hope
Of ceasing to exist

Is depression’s best friend
More often than not
It’s a
“Buy one get one free”

Is experiencing
A heart attack
And loving it!
Because pain
Is all that feels real anymore

Anxiety and depression,
Is when you text a friend
And can’t get past
“What’s up?”

Anxiety and depression,
Is when
It’s an obligation to say
“I’m fine”
Simply because
The world is not ready
To see someone “strong”
Break into a million pieces
That still doesn’t feel
Like enough damage

Anxiety and depression,
Is what people call “crazy”
Or worse
“A phase”

I stand here today
Body and mind
Maybe not whole
But still fighting

I simply exist now
To tell you
That someone “strong”
Can break
That someone
Who befriended the darkness
Is a survivor

Some days
I find myself
But for most of it

I came, I drowned, I survived

Rhea Tara Vijayakumar
TMC Academy Psychology Graduate
Year 2016