Student Poetry – Psychology

Our Psychology degree graduate interprets the subject and what it means to be a Psychology student, in the form of poetry.

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Hi, I’m a psychology student
“Oh, so can you read my mind?”
Hi, I’m a psychology student
“Oh, do you deal with crazy people?”
Hi, I’m a psychology student
“Oh, can you predict my future?”

I cannot read your mind
I do not deal with crazy people
And no,
I cannot predict your future

But yes,
I can understand the mind
Straight down to the minute details
You are yet to decipher

I meet unique strong people
Fighting and surviving a war
Inside the walls of their mind

I can show you
The complexity of your mind
So you can thrive for a better tomorrow

“Depression” “Anxiety” “Self harm” “Anorexia”
And so many more
That seem like mere words
Are my reality

I once had a dream
To conquer my darkness
And empower others around
To hold a hand
And provide comfort
Rather than uttering
Empty words
That emanate from pity
And indifference

You and I
Are not the same
We are all different
But what remains
Is our mind
And it’s power
To make or break us

Hi, I’m a psychology student
In an academy of knowledge
Absorbing every word
Every theory
And every component
To be and give
The best I can

Rhea Tara Vijayakumar
TMC Academy Psychology Graduate
Year 2016