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Singapore’s world class education has attracted many to pursue their studies on this little red dot. While most start their education at the University level, there are plenty who choose to start young. Here at TMC College, we receive many international students who aspire to build a strong academic foundation, starting with the GCE O ‘Level’ Examination. Our college students go through an 18 to 30 months preparatory course that helps them to prepare and enroll for this examination.

TMC Students In Class

The Singapore education is by no means an easy system to integrate into, but with a low student-teacher ratio and supportive teachers who are here to assist the students academically and provide day-to-day advice, it greatly reduces the stress students have to cope.

Apart from academic pursuit, TMC College understands the benefits of outdoor learning and how the young generation has evolved in the way they pick up and digest new information. By introducing a hands-on approach learning experience, our students are more receptive to new knowledge and can apply what they have learnt instantly.

In school, our students are often engaged in events and activities that enrich their schooling experience. TMC College also hopes to inculcate good values and beliefs in our students through meaningful activities like Racial Harmony gatherings and Sports Meet, which is especially important in a multi-ethnic society like Singapore.

Universe & Art Tour Part 3

ArtScience Museum visit

College Racial Harmony

TMC College Racial Harmony

TMC College Progression Talk

TMC College Progression Talk

TMC college students field trip march 2017 capturing local sights

TMC College Little India Fieldtrip

College Soccer & Badminton

TMC College Soccer & Badminton

So if you are a Singaporean looking to continue your college education with a private school, or an international student who is keen on studying in Singapore at the college level, consider the TMC College experience!

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