Learning English in Singapore: A Stress-relieving Place

Our GCE ‘O’ level English students from TMC Academy had been assigned to write about a place they always wanted to explore. Some are depictions of actual sites, while others are based on their imaginations. Enjoy the read.

This is a place I had never actually heard of before even though it is very popular. My friends talked about it so much, while I just blinked my eyes with a blank look that said, “Guys, I don’t know what you are talking about.” I got curious, as I really did not know anything about the place, or how nice it was that everyone could not stop talking about it. One day, I decided to research the place on the internet, and wow – my jaw dropped and I was completely breath-taken!

This is it. Maldives is heaven on Earth. I have no idea exactly where it is, but that does not matter – It’s beautiful! This place is really a stress-reliever for me. I do not get how it is so relaxing that I forget about my problems for a while every time I look at pictures of it. It gives me happiness and excitement every time I stare at it. I fell in love right after I hit that ‘search’ button, and it topped my ‘places that I must travel to’ list.

Stress Relieving Place - TMC academy Students Work

I was really hoping and dreaming to go to this place. I would see white sand, clear blue seawater, watch sunsets, and swing on the beach. I would also forget about my tough, hard life for a while feel like I live in a world of expectation. I was dying, hoping so hard and too much to go there. I needed to relax myself, empty my brain for a while, and recharge my body by enjoying a few days staying there. I love nature so much, especially this kind of nature – clean and clear beaches with white, sandy shores.

I have never told anyone that I really wanted to visit and explore this place; I just kept it to myself and never stopped hoping. One day, my mom offered to bring me. She said, “I will go and visit Maldives in April with your dad. Are you coming with us?” I was speechless and breathless at this moment! I nodded and said yes, of course I would! I had been dreaming of this, how could I reject this?

We are planning to go from April 14th to 17th. I really cannot wait – I did not even have to put in any effort to get there. I really never expected that I would be visiting this place at the very top of my list this soon! I hope that it will turn out just as we good as I expect!

Written by Arsyavanya Zahranisa Hayya (Indonesia); TMC Academy