Learning English in Singapore: My World

Our GCE ‘O’ level English students from TMC Academy had been assigned to write about a place they always wanted to explore. Some are depictions of actual sites, while others are based on their imaginations. Enjoy the read.

My World - TMC academy Students Work

If I have a chance to visit any place I want, I will definitely go to “my world”, because the people there all live in harmony and unity as a big community involving the whole world. I think that many people will want to go there too, because that world is nearly perfect.

I have wanted to go there since I was a child. The first reason is that people there treat everyone fairly – no favouritism, no bias, and no prejudgement. For example, if a person did something inappropriate, the person who is responsible for judgement will not judge based on his own perspective; he will follow principles of judgement and give the person the penalty he merits, and not just any punishment he chooses. This can give the person a sense of satisfaction, but also allows everybody involved to feel like the judgement is fair to everyone.

Secondly, people live in harmony and help each other no matter what race, colour, or type of person they are. For example, an African-American man can ask a Caucasian man for help, and the Caucasian man will instantly go and help him without any excuses as long as he is not committing a crime, because there is no racism in this world and people will help each other no matter what.

The next reason for me to want to go there is because the cities there are zero-crime. People there are all highly educated, have good moral fibre, and high levels of dignity. Everybody there is a provided with a stake to live and work; they earn their money from their own businesses, and live and work happily there. They contribute to society with their inventions, and the money they earn, so there is no need for crime there. People share and take the things they need and merit; everybody is delightful and living their life to the fullest.

Lastly, people get what they want depending on what they work for and what they contribute to society. For example, if a person is a farmer, then his job is to sow the field with different kinds of seeds and wait for them to ripen, so that he can provide food for people as a contribution to society. If the farmer did a work of good merit in that field, someone who had worked harder than him before can decide whether he deserves the thing he wants as a reward for his contributions to society, again based on the principles of judgement in this world. This means that he will have a chance to venture into other things rather than just being a farmer all his life.

In conclusion, I think living in this world will make everybody feel a sense of equality, and everybody will live in harmony happily ever after.

Written by Lim Hong Rui (Malaysia), TMC Academy