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Is there a must-have dish on your family table? Our Hawthorn English students were tasked to write articles on dishes that best represented their country or hometown. One of the dishes presented by our students is Gazpacho, which originated in the southern Spanish region. So, enjoy your read – and Bon Appétit.

TMC Academy Hawthorn Student Works: The Royals’ Choice for Coolness

“Nowadays gazpacho is one of the most popular examples of Spanish cuisine.”


What kind of dish can freshen you up on a hot day and be a complete meal at the same time? Can you guess? In Spain there is a dish is called Gazpacho. Gazpacho is a soup that consists of vegetables, bread, vinegar or water and olive oil. Usually, it is served cold.


There are many different recipes for gazpacho that each has different ingredients. For example, Ajo Blanco includes white garlic and sometimes grape, but no tomatoes. Another variant is called Salmorejo that is served with boiled eggs and Spanish Serrano ham. But the original and the most popular type of gazpacho is made of puréed tomatoes mixed with bread, oil, garlic and vinegar.


The origins of this marvelous dish are lost to time, but the first mention of it dates back to 2-6 A.D. It came from the Spanish region called Andalusia, a part of Ancient Rome, and much later was spread around the world with the help of Arabian traders and Christopher Columbus.


Initially, gazpacho was considered to be poor people’s food as it was easy to cook, and consisted of easy-to-access ingredients that farmers could grow by themselves. Usually in the middle of the day, after hours of hard work a special man – a “gazpachero” – was chosen to cook gazpacho for the whole neighborhood.


Since then, many things have changed. In 2014, it was served to the royal family of Spain, who ate the dish with traditional wooden covers. Nowadays gazpacho is one of the most popular examples of Spanish cuisine – it is known almost everywhere.

Written by Lavrinets Artem (Russia)