Living in Singapore | Hawthorn English Student Work

In TMC Academy, we allow students to unleash their potential and creativity. Our Hawthorn English students were encouraged to write about their experience of living and Studying in Singapore.

TMC Academy Hawthorn English Language Student Works - Living in Singapore - Cherry

“this country is a beautiful country and it is very safe to live.” – Cherry


I have been living in Singapore for two years. I didn’t know much about this country before. I just got some information from my mom and internet. I heard this country is a beautiful country and it is very safe to live. My mom likes Singapore so much because she thinks Singapore is safer than Europe, even when I go out at night it is also no problem.


Comparing my country and Singapore, there are a lot of differences. For example, the food is different. There are a lot of races, so Singapore has a lot of types of food. It took me a long time to adapt to the food here.


Another thing is the language that’s different. A lot of people in Singapore use English and Chinese, but most people use English. My English was very poor before, so I had no idea how to talk to people. I didn’t understand anything and it made me not want to stay here. Now I made a lot of friends from different countries. My English is still not the best, but they help to teach me a lot.


Everybody, including my friends, knows Singapore doesn’t have four seasons and it’s hot every day. Now I have adapted to the environment in Singapore, and I want to stay in Singapore.


This is a very lovely country.

Written by Sun Ke (Cherry)