TMC Academy Student Orientation for April Intake

With every start of a new semester, TMC Academy welcomes new students with a 3 day orientation programme. This is to ensure students are well prepared for their education journey at TMC Academy and for the international students to be well settled in their new environment.


TMC Academy April Orientation - student arriving at the lecture theater

Students arriving at the lecture hall for the orientation.


On Saturday, 22 April 2017, our students from Higher Diploma Courses, College (GCE O-Level) Course, Short Courses and Hawthorn Language School arrived in campus for their last – and probably most relaxing day of orientation.

First up, our Student Services and Student Recruitment Team played a couple of icebreaker games with our students at the Lecture Theatre. Through these simple yet interactive games, students had the chance to speak up and socialise with school mates of different ages and various countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and China.


TMC Academy April Orientation - Student gathering in front of the hall for the first game

Students gathering in front of the hall for icebreaker games.


Next, students and staff visited the National Library, which is a stone’s throw from our campus. Students toured the library and checked out the types of resources that were available for their studies. On the way to the library, our staff also introduced the area to our International students, highlighting the amenities and most importantly, food options around campus!

TMC Academy April Orientation - Everyone on the way to Dr.Chin's house for the next sections

Traveling to Dr.Chin’s house for the second part of the orientation program.

TMC Academy April Orientation - making a stop at the library

The National Library happens to be along the way, shall we?

The last activity of the day is a trip to our Principal, Dr Chin’s house. Dr Chin hopes to make the students feel more welcomed in this second home of theirs, hence, opened his own house for students to visit. In fact, Dr Chin also hosts students during Lunar New Year, especially for those who are unable to make it home with their family for the celebrations.

TMC Academy April Orientation - Waiting for the MRT

Introducing Elizabeth, student from Thailand.

TMC Academy April Orientation Funny Moment

An amusing moment as the group arrived at the wrong house. 

Dr Chin, and Ms Yeow, TMC Academy’s Chief Executive Officer, greeted the students with a welcome speech. This was followed by introductory speeches by Lecturers and Teachers, to give students an insight on the studying experience at TMC Academy. Thereafter, students were treated to a sumptuous home-cooked lunch and went on to participate in more games organised by the staff.

TMC Academy April Orientation - Dr.Chin welcoming the students

Dr. Chin giving a welcome speech to the newcomers.

TMC Academy April Orientation - Ms. Yeow welcoming everyone to TMC and also giving a pep talk

Ms Yeow giving a pep talk to the students. 

TMC Academy April Orientation - Lectures introducing themselves to the students

Our lecturers took turns to introduce themselves to the new students. (As pictured above: Mr Kashmir from School of Business) 

TMC Academy April Orientation - Lunch time

Lunch time!

TMC Academy April Orientation - the final game for the orientation day

Time for the last game, who will be the winner?

The day ended with another generous gesture of souvenirs and prizes to the students who participated in this orientation.

TMC Academy April Orientation - Winner of the day

2 of our students tied in the final game results! 

TMC Academy April Orientation - Winner of the day

Congratulations to both winners!

TMC Academy April Orientation - End of the day

We look forward to the next orientation, with more new faces joining our happy family!