Diploma in Business

Full-Time : 9 months
Part-Time : 12 months
Upon Request
TMC Academy / Cambridge



About The Course

The aim of the Diploma in Business course is to provide students with the basic knowledge in business and marketing and also to provide students with the necessary foundation for undergraduate studies in business. This course also aims to help students meet career opportunities in the financial, manufacturing and commercial sectors.

Course assessment
Assessment of the modules includes examinations, assignments, projects, presentations, class tests, and/or practical tests.

Mode of Delivery
Lectures, tutorials and independent learning are employed. To make sure that students have a clear understanding of the concepts, tutorials are used to re-emphasize the key areas.

Independent learning involves pupils taking the initiative in recognizing learning requirements and undertaking activities to meet them. These activities could take the form of research, tutorial exercises, review questions and coursework.

Foundation Modules

  • Strategies for Academic Success
  • Business Communication
  • Introduction to Information Technology
  • Introduction to Business


Core Modules (select any three)

  • Business Communication and ICT
  • Introduction to Management
  • Marketing for Managers
  • Accounting
  • Statistical Techniques for Business
  • Business Economics
Local International
Age 16 years old at the point of start class
Academic Qualification Any of the following or equivalent:

  • Obtained at least a C6 at GCE O level in any 3 subjects
  • NITEC or Higher NITEC
  • Integrated Programme ( 3 passes at a level equivalent to Secondary 4 )
  • TMC Certificate in Tertiary Foundation Programme
Completed Secondary education or Year 9
English Proficiency Any of the following or equivalent:

  • At least a C6 at GCE O level English
  • Completed a prior Certificate or Diploma where medium of instruction is English
  • Pass an English online test and an interview with the Dean / HOD / designate
Any of the following or equivalent:

  • IELTS 5.0
  • TOEFL (Paper) ≥ 500
  • TOEFL (Computer) ≥ 175
  • TOEFL (Internet) ≥ 60
  • TOEIC ≥ 500
  • Completed a Certificate or Diploma where the medium of instruction is English
  • Attend and pass Certificate in English up to Advanced 1 level


Mature Candidates   ≥ 30 years old with 8 years of work experience

Administrative Fees
(New Student / TMC’s Existing / Local Transfer Student)
All fees subject to prevailing GST of 7%
All the course fees stated below are inclusive of course materials, examination fee and lab fee unless stated otherwise. Repeat fees and other administrative fees are listed in the Miscellaneous Fee List.

Application Fee

Fee Protection Scheme Fee
0.75% of (Course Fee less grant + Medical Insurance)
OR $25 whichever is higher

Medical Insurance Fee
$80 Per Course Per Year

Course Fee
Part-Time: $5,518


All fees indicated are in Singapore Dollars (SGD).