TMC Academy is committed to offer TMC programmes with special grants to SAFRA members and SAFRA-TMC sponsorships to deserving SAFRA members who meet the sponsorship eligibility criteria.

Study Grant

For All SAFRA Members and SAFRA Staff :

  1. 20% grant on course fee for TMC Diploma and Higher Diploma programmes.
  2. 15% grant on course fee for Final-year Top-up Bachelor Degree and post-graduate programmes.

6 placements of Undergraduate Degree Programme

The value of these sponsorships will cover 50% of the course fees. The remainder shall be borne by the SAFRA member.


3 Full Sponsorship Pathway Bursary Degree Programmes For SAFRA Members:

Each full pathway programme covers TMC Diploma, Higher Diploma and final year Bachelor Degree programme. The grants offered by TMC with respect to these programmes shall cover 100% of the respective course fees. Terms and conditions will apply to these 3 sponsorship pathway degree programmes.

Important Note:
  1. Applicants are subjected to TMC Academy and SAFRA’s eligibility criteria. Terms and conditions apply.
  2. A SAFRA member, who is currently a TMC student, may also apply for the sponsorships to the next level provided the member meets the sponsorships eligibility criteria.
  3. Members must be Singapore citizens whom have completed full-time National Service with good academic and co-curricular activities records.
  4. Members must not be degree holder.

Interested parties may submit their applications to TMC Academy.

TMC SAFRA Student Application Form