Living in Singapore

TMC Academy Hawthorn English Language Student Works - Living in Singapore - Sophia

“I think living in Singapore for a year is a great idea!” – Sophia


Singapore is one of the most interesting countries in the world. I have been staying here for one month and I really like the diverse culture and people in Singapore. I’ve met a lot of friends from different countries here. I think they are the most important thing to me. Singapore is small, so you can get around by walking. Also, you don’t waste your time so much in the MRT (Singapore’s train system) like you might in Seoul or somewhere very crowded. However, Singapore has only one season. It means it can be a little boring. For example, Korea has four seasons including spring, summer, fall and winter. Thus, if you go somewhere that you’ve already visited, an old place can feel fresh like it’s the first visit again. But Singapore is always summer. I think living in Singapore for a year is a great idea!

Written by Kim Myeongjoo (Sophia)
Korean Exchange Student