Teachers’ Day 2016 (2 Sept)

In line with TMC Academy IT, Digital Media and Mass Communication week, a photography workshop was organised on 18th August 2016. This workshop was conducted by our very own Mass Comm lecturer, Mr Aaron Rao who has more than 10 years of professional photography experience.

We ask the participants 3 things they like about the workshop. Here are some of the feedback:

John Zhang:
1) 3 factors: Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO
2) How to take portraits
3) Interactive teaching method

1) It’s clearly explained
2) Easy to understand
3) The lecturer is able to answer all enquiries

Lin Uen Fang:
1) The lesson is engaging and meaningful
2) The lecturer is detailed and professional
3) I will definitely come for the next TMC talk

We receive a lot of other feedback indicating to add on the element of practical lessons. Fret on! We have another photography workshop coming up in November 2016. Stay Tuned!


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